Just Another Day @ Work

I wake up around 4:30 AM. I prepare my morning jolt of coffee – jolts actually, and cuddle up with East Lynne (which I was supposed to read, analyze, and compare to another novel around 6 weeks ago). My cat (whom I have named Moshu, after the infamous lizardy dragon in Mulan) is in his crazy hyperactive mood and gallops every now and then into my room giving me the naughtiest looks a cat could give, hitting my leg whenever he could and running away again, expecting the daily hide and seek game we play every morning. So basically its a calm, happy morning. I’m in a fine mood.

And then pandemonium.

I walk into my office, and all hell sets loose.

My boss is in her bossiest mood. Reports to be finished, people to be contacted. Call this guy and screen him, oh no no, dont screen him. Have you updated our intranet? Is it ready? Why not? Send this guy an assessment. Call him and make sure he knows how to open his bloody email. (Should I also check if he needs help going to the bathroom?) Ask people for their pics for the intranet. What happened with those visas? Contact the guy in charge? I have a meeting in 5 mins – are my things ready? Sick leave for me please. (All these requests in one breath by the way).

Well at least she says please. Yet, I can’t help wondering, is this why I spent 4 years in college reading, analyzing, deconstructing, comparing and contrasting all those novels, poems, plays and god knows what else? Is this why I’m still on the same road doing my MA in the same field? Depressing thought.

What’s more depressing is that I’m supposed to get married in a couple of months, and I’m wondering will I have the same time for my studies later on. Will my marriage be a hinderance? Fading away into the oblivion of marriage and motherhood was and will never be on my agenda, but when will I be able to rise and shine?

So by 11:25 AM I am seething with anger. The thought of quitting without any notice has occurred to me at least five times. I am close to suffering from post electrocution frazzle due to overexposure to office idiots. My fiancé (who works in the same place with me) strolls over to my desk expecting to find a bubbly happy girl but he finds my “work face” instead, which unsurprisingly isn’t at all attractive. Obviously I am unappreciative. I should at least smile and let go of my work for the 5 mins he’s here, but I’m being pushed and I can’t find the time to stop.

I look at my watch wishing it was 4:00 PM, but it’s 11:28 AM.

The devil has signed a contract with my boss to make my day as miserable and as long as possible.

Just another work day.

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